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John Deegan has been tattooing since 2002 when he learnt to tattoo in Skin Graffix under Phil Cummins (The Antahkarana), Wally (Urban Gorilla) and Robbie Coventry (Tatmandoo).

His dream of opening his own tattoo studio was realised in 2007 where he first opened on Arran Quay before moving to Celbridge in 2010.

Another great dream of his was to become a Tebori practitioner. John has been offering the tebori method of tattooing since 2009. Tebori or traditional Japanese style of tattooing by hand involves using a set of needles attached to the end of a handle made of wood or metal. The word tebori comes from te meaning ‘hand’ and hori or horu, ‘to carve, sculpt or inscribe.’ Hand work like this generally takes longer to complete however it has a tendency to heal a lot quicker and be less painful.

Largely his focus is on custom tattoo designs including Maori, Polynesian, Tribal, Japanese and many more styles. These can be applied either freehand (where the tattoo design is drawn directly onto the skin and once an agreed image has been reached it is tattooed) or custom designed (where the image is drawn on paper and then tattooed at a later date using a stencil). He doesn’t favour a particular style and is always looking for something new and a challenge to do.