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There are many, many different styles of tattoos. A little research into each style will help you and your artist reach the same understanding and vision for your tattoo. Here are the basics of some of the most common styles we encounter:


Big bold images can be colour or black and grey, and often are mostly black and grey with areas of colour. There are so much more than just dragon, koi carp and tiger available which all have different stories, myths and legends to look into before deciding on your Japanese style inspired piece.

Old School/New School

Americana style featuring a black outline and generally filled with little or no shading and solid primary colours - think pin-ups, nautical stars and cherries. New School is similar with heavy black shading, a much wider range of colours and the main difference being modern advances in tattooing and artistic ability.


A fusion of biological and mechanical images often using human or animal anatomy integrated with mechanical pieces such as pistons and gears. More often than not they are large, bright, colourful tattoos using a great deal of realism.


Most often portraits are tattooed in black and grey but can also be applied in full colour or sepia tones. Bigger is often better and a good clear photograph is required whether a portrait of a person or animal.


Tribal is the oldest style of tattooing globally that varies vastly depending on its origin. The blanket name tribal covers a range of tattoos from the typical black, spiky tribal to Maori, Dayak Borneo, and Polynesian to name just a few.

Dot work

A series of dots make up an image, whether floral or geometric. Usually applied by hand this type of tattooing is quite time consuming but is far gentler on the skin and often requires very little aftercare.