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Location & Size

Spend time to consider the visibility of your tattoo and the attitudes of others relative to that. Highly visible tattoos – hands, faces and necks – don’t make ideal choices for your first tattoo. In fact, some artists will flat out refuse to tattoo those areas unless you are heavily tattooed already. Try to consider current and future implications such as career restrictions.

It’s important for all tattoos, especially larger pieces, to fit the body - tattoos should mould themselves to the person. Therefore thought must be given to the shape of the tattoo and the body part of its location. You may (now or in the future) want to add to the piece so ask your artist to consider leaving it ‘open’ for options to seamlessly extend the tattoo.

Finally, get your tattoo where you want it not where you think it may hurt the least. Remember pain in temporary but the tattoo will be there long after your heart stops!