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Paws for a Cause

Inkwell Tattoo started the Paws For A Cause fundraiser for Cats’ Aid in 2011 with "cattoo day" where over €2000 was raised and badly needed donations of food, litter, bedding etc. were greatly received by Cats’ Aid volunteers on the day.

The ongoing fundraiser works whereby any of the "Paws For A Cause pawprint tattoos" of one inch square will be tattooed for €50 with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Cats Aid.

To make your appointment, contact us via email or phone us on (01) 6102853.

Help us make it PAWSOME!

Cats Aid Charity

Visit Cats Aid Website

Cats Aid helped thousands of cats since its formation in 1988.

We are a voluntary group that relies on donations from our supporters. We rescue stray cats and we obtain neutering & vet treatment for them before re-homing them. No healthy, recoverable cat that comes into our care will be euthanised. We trap, neuter and return stray cats to monitored colonies.

We provide advice and information via email and our Facebook page. You can contact Cats Aid by phone: (01) 6683529 or by email: catsaid@gmail.com